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Seaberg Machining

Production Manufacturing

Since 1973, we have established ourselves as a world class contract machining and metal fabrication company. We don’t take this statement lightly, as it has become engrained into the culture of our organization. By providing the comprehensive set of disciplines to meet our customer needs including: precision CNC machining solutions, fabrication solutions, laser cutting solutions, and welding solutions, we can confidently say that when used together, we provide quality assurance to our customers.

When it comes to contract manufacturing, we have the equipment, the skills, core competencies, the supply, and the structure to meet your deadlines and not miss delivery times. Further, we can adapt faster than most in our industry to customer needs since we control all processes in-house from raw material to finished product.

In House Engineering

Seaberg Industries has an onsite engineering team to collaborate with customers to determine the best methods of product development and to identify cost drivers to provide customers with the functionality needed at the most economical cost. With our CMM capabilities we are able to reverse engineer parts as needed and can work with our customers to develop drawings in a format that is recognized by industry standards.

Manufacturing Services for Agricultural & Construction OEM's

A high volume of our work comes from building relationships with OEM's throughout the Midwest. We are built to service a variety of industries with the need for high quality assurance and meet cost savings goals. Our structure and abilities allow us to meet the time, cost, quality requirements to manufacture parts for these companies. Clients can come to us knowing that we can handle it all: machining, welding, precision laser cutting, and metal forming and bending. We offer them a one stop shop for all of their machining and fabrication needs.

In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 Certified, we implement ALL the common OEM quality methodologies including:

Concurrent Engineering

  • APQP Processing
  • PPAP documentation
  • Applying FMEA principles to all the parts we produce

All of these are in an effort to put manufacturing processes into all parts from the beginning, to assure our customers that we maintain quality during the entire processing of their components. Core competencies are what drive our business model to make sure our customers can trust our In addition, we design and build all our own tooling, which provides an added level of control. Each tooling set is “proved out” BEFORE we move into production. Finally, we perform “Process Control” on all parts on an on-going basis, which includes annual machine capability studies on ALL equipment. 

On parts that are run on a regular basis, we do feature-specific controls and in the case of custom parts that are not run frequently, we test multiple aspects of each machine including things like position repeatability and size control. This allows us to provide accurate quotes and assure our customers that they will get what they want at a fair price. At Seaberg Industries, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve. We make sure that we have a full supply of raw materials that any world class manufacturing service would need. Call us today and find out how working with a world class fabrication solutions and machining solutions company makes your life easier!

Contract Assembly

As Precision Metal Fabricator, Seaberg cuts, bends, forms and assembles precision metal parts into specialized finished components to our customer specifications. The cutting process may include laser cutting, sawing or plasma cutting. We use additional equipment like press brakes and straightening presses.

For our operators, education is a highly important aspect of their training due to the required math skills to properly utilize equipment. Since fabrication is often a manual process, operators require critical thinking skills to make any adjustments to things including set up, tooling and die clearances. All of our operators have those skills.

With precision sheet metal fabrication, our customers’ substantially benefit from our experience since we have invested heavily over the last decade to create a “proprietary die system” that uses high quality dies which reduce the natural twists and variation in parts that occur in the through the bending and forming processes.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Our size and level of experience allows us to produce parts and fabricate with speed, without sacrificing the quality of our work. Our work quotes are extremely competitive, and we run multiple shifts to ensure that we can meet your project deadlines and rollouts. Now more than ever, quick turnaround and availability to produce is critical to your company. We understand your needs and we are here to meet your demands.

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