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CNC Machining

Since 1973, we have established ourselves as a world class contract machining and metal fabrication company. By providing the comprehensive set of disciplines to meet our customer needs including: precision CNC machining solutions, fabrication solutions, laser cutting solutions, and welding solutions, we can confidently say that when used together, we provide quality assurance to our customers.

Our machine shop comes equipped with a number of CNC manufacturing processes to create a wide range of complex parts.

High Speed Sawing

We have recently purchased a brand-new state of the art cold saw that can cut metal rapidly to precise length to be used in production manufacturing. The finish cut is square and extremely accurate. This increases our turn-around time on production cutting processes.

CNC Turning

SI has a CNC lathe which is equipped with Live Tooling that can machine flat features and holes on the side of a workpiece.

CNC Drilling & Tapping

We currently has 5 HMC (Horizontal Mill Centers) and 5 VMC (Vertical Mill Centers). With this flexibility we can produce a wide range of complex parts. Seaberg Industries recently has purchased 2 more VMC’s to increase our production line. One of the additional machines will be equipped with a rotary attachment for machining rotational parts.